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The future of finance is DeFi

Burstive is your enterprise solution for digital currencies, payments, trading, rewards, and NFTs. Offer your customers more choice, control, and fun by integrating Burstive’s suite of DeFi solutions (fiat fintech solutions also available).

Cryptocurrency Payments API

Digital currencies are the future of payments and your business is missing out on a critical component if it’s not currently accepting cryptocurrency payments. With Burstive’s Payments API, you can begin accepting cryptocurrency payments within a couple of days. Fiat payment solutions are also available.

Cryptocurrency Trading Exchange

Burstive’s cryptocurrency trading exchange gives customers the ability to trade into and out of cryptocurrencies and fiat easily and quickly. No trading experience required. Including the trading exchange as part of a full fintech solution will delight your customers and increase cryptocurrency payment usage because customers know that they can trade into and out of fiat at any time.

Branded Cryptocurrency Tokens
for Payments & Rewards

Accepting cryptocurrency payments is great, but what if you could have your own branded cryptocurrency token for both payments and rewards? Think of the excitement that your customers will have when they can buy, sell, trade, pay, and earn rewards in your own branded tokens. And branded tokens create dedication, stickiness, and loyalty. Burstive can design, build, and implement cryptocurrency tokens related to your brand.

NFTs for Membership & Loyalty

Much like branded cryptocurrency tokens can drive loyalty, Non-Fungible Tokens (otherwise known as “NFTs) are a way to drive membership and loyalty. Customers can purchase NFTs for membership or loyalty tier access to unlock VIP benefits. These NFTs can also be traded or sold to other customers, making them more valuable to customers. Burstive can design, build, and implement NFTs related to your brand.

Safe / Secure / Innovative

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Burstive is your one stop shop for all things cryptocurrency and defi.

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